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The average small business owner spends 40% of their time on administrative tasks and employers pay an average of an additional 30-35% above wages for employment benefits. Some small businesses do not have the office space, budget, or workload to maintain on-site staff. Others may be larger organizations seeking to cut back expenses by limiting spending on employee benefits, tax contributions, and equipment purchases.

360 Savvy Solutions services can help eliminate some of the long hours spent on routine daily tasks and allow clients to focus on the revenue-generating aspects of the business. Hiring 360 Savvy Solutions can also yield cost savings for small employers; utilizing the service instead of hiring full-time staff can mean the difference between staying in business and becoming yet another statistic.

Shaunna Davis

Our Founder & CEO

Shaunna Davis recognized that other entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized businesses needed help and she believes this service is the solution. She says,  “I was drawn to the field of Online Virtual Assistance & Consulting because I have a sincere desire to use my organizational skills and expertise to help people run more efficient and profitable businesses. I have the satisfaction of doing what I love and contributing to the success of my clients while experiencing the financial reward and freedom of entrepreneurship.”

With nearly 20 years experience in Corporate America and Community Involvement, Shaunna has extensive knowledge and expertise in administrative/organizational roles & human resources field.

She received her MBA from Clark Atlanta University and SPHR from the HR Certification Institute.